Project activities

Activities during the project will be set on several different methodologies based on non-formal approach:

  1. Kick-off meeting of the implementation team.
  • Period: 26.05-01.06.2015.
  • Participant 16: One from each organization + project staff.
  • Methods: non-formal workshops, facilitated discussion, distribution of tasks, agreement on the milestones in the project’s implementation, building network.
  1. Mobility of youth workers.
  • Period: 20.09.2015—01.10.2015
  • Place of venue: Region of Ohrid lake
  • Participants 30. Two from each organization + project staff;

2.1. Non-formal education. Period of realization: 20-26.09.2015. Methods: workshops, interactive presentation, team work, outdoor activities.

2.2. Developing ideas. Period of realization: 27-29.09.2015. Practical team work(max. 5 participants in group) on marketing plan or campaign for sustainable development.

2.3. Event ‘Our ideas on social media’. Period of realization: 30.10.2015 (Ohrid). Final event. Presentation of prepared marketing plans or campaigns. Launching the ideas on social media.


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