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Melbourne is providing educative, training and consultancy services to business organisations and communities, as well as ad-hoc lecturing services in many education institutions. The main area that we cover is Leadership, Sustainability and Work & Organisation Development. APEC specialize in cross cultural learning and development that harnesses the values of the east and the knowledge of the west providing a modern approach to business operations.
The nexus between these elements provides organisations with the ability to link capability and strategy to support long term business sustainability. APEC utilise the knowledge and skills of highly qualified consultants with strong expertise in leadership and supply chain management, building high performance teams and other key elements of organisational development to assist business to reach their full potential.
We design and deliver creative and effective training & consulting solutions that help to address seven core challenges: Global; Leadership development; Continuous Improvement Solutions; Project Change management; Interpersona; and communication skills; Managing employee Performance; Building high performance team; and Supply Chain Management.
Some of our training programs cover: Achievement of operational results and effective working relationships through leadership, feedback and support of individuals in a workgroup that may exist in the workplace, be formed for a special purpose or project, or consist of community members, volunteers, inter-agency members, etc. It incorporates the need for the thorough planning of the change process including fully scoping the need for change, consultation with stakeholders and the evaluation of actual outcomes against those that had been planned.

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Malihi Kristina

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