Association Institute of New Technologies (INT)

6846670Association Institute of New Technologies (INT) since 2004 has been working for the promotion, dissemination and collection of best practices among entrepreneurs and non-governmental organization in the use of new technologies and innovation. Among the key actions INT there are: the organization of the Regional Competition Leader of New Technologies distinguishing innovative companies in the region of Lodz, numerous conferences, over 350 training, workshops, etc. INT leads “NGO Support Centre” in the region and works with more than 100NGOs. Currently, the INT was established Regional Centre for International Debates (project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). For several years, INT is organizing a nationwide Olympics (for youth) of knowledge of the region and entrepreneurship.
Our activities are aimed at promoting new technologies, innovation and increasing opportunities for participants in the labour markets education and equal opportunities. The recipients of the projects are both disadvantageous, NGOs, as well as those who are just starting their career path.
The goal for coming year is to enrich the educational offer and the workshops (new thematic groups), use of new technologies and training techniques (methods of work with different people and different ways – the use of distance learning), increase the effectiveness of training and adapting tools to the needs of diverse audiences (communication diversified socially and physically), use of e-learning as a new method of training the trainers and trainees.
INT employs over 10 persons who have university degrees and PhD, have experience in project implementation, conducting and organization of trainings. INT co-operates with more than 20 experienced trainers of diverse areas and mixed age.

Legal representative/ Contact person:
Rydlewska Vel Ryglewska Natalia

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