Doğal Yaşam Derneği

428188Natural Life Association (Doğal Yaşam Derneği) from Ankara, Turkey is an organization which believes that the species which has the right to live is not only human being; that is why, our association has been trying to raise awareness in this manner, to create projects, to engage not only our volunteers but also other people who are not working for us to organize activities related to nature, culture, tourism, environment, social, and health are our center of interest since it was founded (2006).
This project includes a lot of different topics which we apply in our projects, that’s why; not only have we participated but also we have created different types of youth exchanges, which means, we are highly experienced in this manner.
We have also organized seminars about unemployment both to acknowledge youth about new business fields and to learn their ideas how to bring solutions to unemployment. We give trainings about creating a CV, resume to writing motivation letters, and job interviewing.
Also we are working with youth leaders who are our volunteers and they are working with new comer volunteers to make them future youth leaders. In a nutshell as a partner we can contribute a lot to this project.

Legal representative/ Contact person:
Kaya Yildirim

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