International Youth Activity Center (IYAC)

bugarijaIYAC Bulgaria – Sofia is a non-profit organization which main activity is related to participation in projects under the European Commission’s “Youth in action” past program and current “Erasmus +” program. We are working together with the Business club of University of National and World Economy, the non-governmental organization “Sports club Economist” and the Student Council of UNWE, which also have a lot of experience in different projects in the youth field. 
IYAC (International Youth Activity Center) is a youth organization that works in the youth field in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have developed a very good network of partner organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. We are working in different directions towards providing the young people with opportunities to develop their skills and volunteering in different fields. Further, we are working in very good cooperation with the institutions responsible for the youth sector. IYAC Bulgaria has taken part in many youth exchanges all over Europe and not only.
IYAC Bulgaria doesn’t narrow its activities only in one direction. A number of teams, consisting of our members, are involved in implementing various initiatives to the benefit of the youth community. Along with the beauties of Europe, we provide young people with the opportunity to get to know the natural and historic treasures of our country – the “Travel Bulgaria” team organizes monthly visits to various tourist destinations in Bulgaria. One of the most ambitious and significant projects of the organization is „Business meets university”. Its aim is to strengthen the relations between students and business – the main idea of this initiative is to enable students to get an idea of the structure and functioning of the leading local and international companies as well as to get valuable advice from managers and employees.
Legal representative/ Contact person:
Trifonova Svetlana

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