Organization for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA)

1425925997The Organization for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) from Accra is essentially a home-grown organization focused on harnessing youthful energies into productive ventures in communities at risk in Ghana. OSDA does this by seeking collaborations between local and international organizations who share in the same philosophies through the vehicle of Public Private Partnership concept of development We are able to achieve the above vision through the organization of activities such as voluntary work camps, teaching internship placement, cultural exchange programmes such drumming and dancing as well rural community development.
OSDA is affiliated with both local and international development partners including District Assemblies which are the major vehicles of rural development in Ghana, Ghana Education Service, the ministry of Agriculture and AFCORP, a local not-for-profit organization as well as other potential partners as SNV and the National Investment Bank.
We also have partnership agreements with V & B in Germany, World Servants and the UT Delft University of Technology both in the Netherlands. OSDA has a staff strength of 50 young people including volunteers across Ghana, the Netherlands and Spain

Legal representative/ Contact person:
Tawiah Manfred

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