Public Foundation “Gender – Vector”

2024883Public Foundation “Gender – Vector”is community-based NGO in Kara-Balta town in Kyrgyzstan.
The main objective is to support socially vulnerable young people.
Our missionis protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of vulnerable groups of young people, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and safe behavior among vulnerable groups of young people, the implementation of educational programs, providing legal and social protection of young people, including through the use of various methods of lobbying (from item 1.5. Charter of the organization).
Our most important activitie in last three years:
The successful implementation of amfAR – MSM INITIATIVE (USA) ”Preventive interventions among MSM Chui and Osh regions of the Kyrgyz Republic”, in which was intensively: the publication of information materials for vulnerable youth, training of key individual communities and members of the organization, to develop a Strategic plan for the organization until 2016,  2012 – till now – a project of the Global Fund (Round 10).
To determine the necessary and important recommendations for our organization to improve the quality of life of our customers / beneficiaries of programs, we definitely needed serious marketing analytical skills, including and the collection needs of the target group, and as a consequence – the definition of the importance of certain priorities in project work related to the business.

Legal representative/ Contact person:
Kostenko Sergei

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