8955380_origRaplection is informal group of young people, from Split, very active in ex Youth in Action programme for the last 3 years.
Our main aims are informing and raising awareness of the European Union and its educational programs; promoting self-fulfilment and personal development of young people through educational programs of the European Union and developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and active civil society. As well, we are focusing on:

  • to improve quality of life of children and youth through professional and volunteer work with promotion healthy ways of life;
  • to promote informal education, voluntarism, ecology, preventing of unwanted forms of behaviors (delinquency, drug addiction…) developing of healthy ways of living among Youth;
  • to promote multiculturalism and peace, and especially, music as a tool;
  • to promote active citizenship, solidarity, tolerance and understanding between cultures.

Legal representative/ Contact person:

E-mail: dianagrgat@yahoo.com

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