Centro Servizi Associati


    “Centro Servizi Associati” (CSA) is a non-profit private organization specialized in social and educational  environment for childhood, young people and adults. Founded in 1986 with the purpose to pursue the general interest of the community by promoting social integration of citizens and employment. Objectives of our work are: respond to the needs about life quality improvement and services management; combining effectiveness and efficiency with social solidarity. CSA is support for innovation and the projectile approach, in order to improve the ability to provide flexible and timely responses compared with the dynamic market developments and the varied demand for services, particularly within social sector. The experience gained over the years has enabled us to develop a range of social importance activities by creating synergies with public and private institutions. The offered services are interwoven on multiple levels and are addressed to the territory, the person, the community and institutions. CSA, in line with the policies and European values, from several years is engaged in actions that promote youth integration and exchange of experience, social inclusion of people with difficulties (social, economic, physical and linguistic solidarity. In particular, during the last years, CSA has developed the following projects: With The South Of Europe Together Towards Ecology; Laboratori Per L’apprendimento Della Lingua Italiana E Integrazione Sociale Per Ragazzi Stranieri; UNICA Rete; S.INT.E.S.I. – Laboratori di Socializzazione, INTegrazione E Studio Insieme; INSIEME. Laboratori e strumenti per l’apprendimento; La Comunita’ Per Le Donne; Sicuri Su Internet etc.


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