Yellow Shirts Association

Y2496521ellow Shirts Association from Baia Mare, Romania was established in April 2010 with the purpose of facilitating the sustainability and integration of youth in the society. The organization is managed by young people, these being able to understand easier the problems with which the youngsters of their age are confronting with.
The activities we do are made at the local, regional, national and international level through projects organized by us, but also in collaboration as partners. These activities are consisted of training courses, youth exchanges, street events, summer camps, voluntary service, Do It Yourself workshops, informative campaigns, foreign languages courses, competitions, study visits, public debates, seminars, work camps, social meetings, conference, exhibitions, etc. in different domains such as art, culture, sport, environment, human rights, active citizenship, health, etc.
Currently we are 10 members that are active in the organization, with a number of over 20 volunteers involved in diverse actions.
We have taken part as sending partners in more than 50 youth projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, partnership building activities, seminars, study visits and feasibility visits, from where we have accumulated a vast experience not only in organizing a group (selection and instruction of the participants, leadership), but also how to organize a good project by taking advantages of the good practices examples and learning from others’ mistakes.
Besides the practical experience we gained through participating in such projects, among the members of our project teams we have specialized people on project management, financial aspects (an accountant) and a project consultant.

Legal representative/ Contact person:
Caplescu Andreea

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